Profiles in "Drawing and Painting" Expertise Area

  • Ellsworth is an artist, educator, and walker. She is the founding director of the Museum of Walking.
  • Solis’ research and teaching focuses on figure painting in dialog with historical and contemporary art; and her leadership focuses on connecting people with resources and opportunities to reach their creative potential.
  • melissa m button is the Associate Director in the School of art and serves as Senior Lecturer in Painting/Drawing.  button’s practice includes painting, drawing, printmaking, and mixed media collages.
  • Drawing is Weed's first language. He has been inspiring students from The Design School at Arizona State University to be specific, use nothing, and look since 1999.
  • Pessler is an artist, working primarily in painting and drawing.
  • Anna Clemencia Guerrero is a PhD candidate and professional scientific illustrator in the Center for Biology and Society. She studies how scientists make and use pictures to understand microbial communities.
  • Cam DeCaussin is a painter who explores the suburban landscape, revealing nearly vacant lives through voyeuristic lenses in our Post-Hopperesque society.
  • Jesse Ortiz serves as an academic advisor to undergraduate students within the Department of English.