Profiles in "Musicology" Expertise Area

  • LaRue-Sandler manages public relations and outreach for the ASU Department of English. Current responsibilities include strategic communications, event publicity and logistics support, and development and alumni relations.
  • Feisst is Evelyn Smith Professor of musicology and Senior Sustainability Scholar at Arizona State University. She holds a PhD in musicology from Berlin and is interested in new music in interdisciplinary contexts.
  • Norton' s specialties include musicology, music and wellness, and American sacred music.
  • Christopher E. Mehrens is a Music Librarian and Musicologist.
  • Saucier specializes in late-medieval sacred music, hagiography, and city culture in the Low Countries (Liège). Her teaching focuses on medieval and Renaissance music, musical borrowing, choral institutions, and bibliography.
  • Nilanjana Bhattacharjya's research focuses on popular music, film, and visual culture from South Asia and its diasporic communities. She is affiliated with the Center for Asian Research and the South Asia Council at ASU.
  • Little teaches music history and ethnomusicology courses at ASU, including an online world music course that she designed for non-music majors.
  • Schmelz's areas of expertise include 20th- and 21st century music; Russian, Ukrainian, and Soviet music; music in the Cold War; popular and experimental music; film music; music and politics; and sound studies.
  • A social jazz dancer for over a decade, Wells is currently writing a book about the history of jazz music’s ever-shifting relationship with popular dance.