Profiles in "Voice" Expertise Area

  • Jennifer Jones is the Senior Project Manager for the EdPlus Data Collective. The Collective focuses on Peoplesoft, Data Warehouse, Google Marketing and Cloud Platforms, Tealium, and Salesforce.
  • Professor Espinosa is an Arizona-based artist, cultural activist; specialist in identity and liberation practices; voice, text, and acting coach. She performed and taught throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
  • Britton is ASU Emeritus Professor of Voice. He has enjoyed a versatile career as an established chamber musician, opera and concert singer, musical theater actor, recording artist and teacher.
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Music Theatre. Actor, musician, and music theatre specialist in performance, direction, and instruction for the Music Theatre + Opera department, and educational equity coach in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre.
  • Jeff LePine's research centers on (1) teamwork and team effectiveness, (2) performance behaviors involving teamwork, citizenship, voice, and adaptability, (3) leadership, and (4) engagement and occupational stress.
  • FitzPatrick's 2015 CD "Occident Meets Orient" (Albany Records) explores societal attitudes and misconceptions about life in Eastern cultures through Western classical and popular music of the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Dr. Will's dissertation, "Pregnancy and Postpartum: A Guide for Singers" combines information from the fields of physical therapy, medicine, and surgery into a guide for the singer and voice teacher.
  • Kopta's distinguished record of performing and teaching spans Broadway and opera, and more than 30 years of teaching at major universities and summer music schools both locally and abroad.
  • Hawkins is critically acclaimed throughout the world for his in-depth interpretations and lush baritone voice.