Profiles in "Evidence" Expertise Area

  • Saks’ research interests focus on empirical studies of law and the legal system, evidence law, the law's use of science, the behavior of the litigation system, and legal policy affecting medical patient safety.
  • Walsh is a Superior Court Judge in San Diego, California. Prior to being a judge, he was a trial attorney with the San Diego District Attorneys Office. He is a retired Navy Commander.
  • Garcia's experience spans from prosecuting misdemeanor cases to high-level violent felonies in Maricopa County.
  • Di Bello is interested in topics at the intersection of philosophy of law and epistemology, such as statistics in the law, risk and decision-making, algorithmic fairness, evidence and probability.
  • Retired soldier, lawyer
  • Whitney M. Harvey, Esq., supports business professionals in finding balance and success through coaching that emphasizes well-being, diversity, and mindfulness to align passion with careers.