Profiles in "Public Policy" Expertise Area

  • Dave teaches Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS), Organizational Leadership (OGL). and Political Science (POS) courses, primarily based at the Downtown Phoenix campus. His expertise on public policy in Arizona is often sought out.
  • Johnston’s research focuses on policy informatics, the study of how computational and communication technology is leveraged to specifically understand and address complex public policy and administration problems.
  • Lehman has taught at ASU for 27 years and her research interest is in judicial selection systems as it influences judicial behavior and outcomes.
  • Loftus teaches courses on sex offenders and sex crimes, crime control policy and community corrections.
  • I am interested in how people accomplish changes in their immediate social contexts. I also originated the Community Action Research Experiences (CARE) program.
  • Erik Fisher directs the Center for Responsible Innovation and the international STIR program and is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Responsible Innovation.
  • Lewis studies U.S. urban policy, local and regional governance, and the way people think about public policy. Many of his publications examine urban/suburban land use, housing policy, and local responses to immigration.
  • Dr. Androff is an internationally recognized scholar in the areas of human rights, social development, and global social work.