Profiles in "Public Policy" Expertise Area

  • Wells teaches Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS), Organizational Leadership (OGL). and Political Science (POS) courses, primarily based at the Downtown Phoenix campus.
  • Johnston’s research focuses on policy informatics, the study of how computational and communication technology is leveraged to specifically understand and address complex public policy and administration problems.
  • Lehman has taught at ASU for 27 years and her research interest is in judicial selection systems as it influences judicial behavior and outcomes.
  • Loftus teaches courses on sex offenders and sex crimes, crime control policy and community corrections.
  • I am interested in how people accomplish changes in their immediate social contexts. I also originated the Community Action Research Experiences (CARE) program.
  • Erik Fisher directs the Center for Responsible Innovation and the international STIR program and is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Responsible Innovation.
  • Lewis studies U.S. urban policy, local governments, and the way people think about public policy. Many of his publications examine urban/suburban land use, housing policy, and local responses to immigration.
  • Androff’s work focuses on building strong and sustainable communities through promoting human rights.