Profiles in "Public Communication" Expertise Area

  • Julie Kurth is assistant director of marketing in Strategic Marketing and Communications at the Arizona State University Knowledge Enterprise. She manages the Biodesign Institute brand and elevates awareness of its impact.
  • Emeritus Professor, curriculum developer, professional speaker, Organizational Development leader, and agent for positive change
  • Boyles specializes in popular culture, digital literacy, visual rhetoric, and the rhetoric of higher education.
  • Long's scholarship draws on a wide array of rhetorical methods to test the limits and potential of day-to-day democracy under contemporary conditions
  • Wheeler's research interests include the history of rhetoric and environmental rhetoric.
  • Swindell focuses on community and economic development, especially public financing of sports facilities, contribution of sports facilities to urban space economic development, service delivery and citizen satisfaction.
  • Bozeman’s research focuses on public management, organization theory, higher education policy, and science and technology policy.
  • Brown's teaching philosophy is to engage and encourage students to work collaboratively, and guide them towards a core understanding of the course work and its most fundamental principles.