Profiles in "Computational Physics" Expertise Area

  • Dr. Sukharev's research expertise include computational nano-optics, coherent control, and physics of light-matter interaction in strong and ultra-strong coupling regimes.
  • Dr. Peng's expertise is in computational physics (first principles density-functional theory calculations) and material science.
  • Werner J.A. Dahm has since 2010 been the ASU Foundation Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and also Professor Emeritus of Engineering at the University of Michigan where served for the previous 25 years.
  • Jiao has developed analytical and computational models for complex materials which can deepen fundamental understanding of the nature of such materials.
  • Sean Seyler is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the Department of Physics and Center for Biological Physics at ASU. He joined Steve Pressé's lab in 2018 after receiving his PhD in Physics at ASU under Oliver Beckstein.
  • Jim DeGraffenreid currently serves as instructor in physics teaching introductory and advanced undergraduate physics classes.
  • Assistant professor in the School of Molecular Sciences. Chiu's laboratory focuses on membrane protein structures and lipid-protein interaction as well as single-particle cryo-electron microscopy.