Profiles in "Gender" Expertise Area

  • Stevens is an instructor of history with research interests in U.S. history.
  • Medical and biocultural anthropologist and Regents & President's Professor at ASU, leading collaborative social science research addressing complex global health and environmental challenges.
  • David Carlson's primary areas of research include Qualitative Inquiry, Curriculum Studies, and Gender and Sexuality Studies in Education .
  • Brandy's interests include sociocultural anthropology: Native American Culture, linguistics, and sense of place.
  • Martin is a Cowden Distinguished Prof. Interests include gender development, gender identity, and peer relationships in children and adolescents and the role of gendered relationships in school adjustment and functioning.
  • Hanish studies children's peer relationships; aggression and bullying; and school-related contexts and outcomes.
  • DeLay's research focus is on child and adolescent peer relationships. Key themes include how peer relationships impact child and adolescent adjustment and well-being.
  • Mickelson received her PhD from Carnegie Mellon and did postdoctoral work at University of Michigan and Harvard. Her research focuses on social relationships and health; she is also director of the MS Psychology program.