Profiles in "Statistics" Expertise Area

  • Eggum's expertise is in children's and adolescents' socio-emotional adjustment. She teaches undergraduate-level statistics, as well as graduate-level advanced quantitative methods courses focused on latent variable modeling.
  • Cowgill's interests center on archaeology of Ancient Urban Societies; Teotihuacan; Mesoamerica; Math and Statistics
  • Dr. O'Rourke's research focuses on the assessment and development of statistical methods and models for application to social sciences.
  • Cochran joined the the ASU faculty in 1989. His research interests are in mathematical aspects of sensing and signal processing, particularly for national security applications.
  • Williams serves as the Adaptive Learning Coordinator for all the Enhanced Freshmen Mathematics (MAT 110), College Algebra (MAT 117) and College Mathematics (MAT 142) courses on all ASU campuses.
  • Researcher at Edson College
  • Vaughan is known internationally for her innovative application of a new research strategy called institutional ethnography.
  • Ripley's major fields of study are international relations and comparative politics with an emphasis on U.S. foreign policy, international political economy, security studies, and Latin American politics.