Profiles in "Local Community Influence" Expertise Area

  • Schugurensky has published on a variety of topics, including adult education, community development, participatory democracy, citizenship education, social economy, civic engagement, and volunteer work.
  • Nicole Darnall is ASU Foundation Professor of Sustainability and Director of ASU's Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative. Her research investigates organizations' and individuals' sustainability behaviors.
  • Swindell focuses on community and economic development, especially public financing of sports facilities, contribution of sports facilities to urban space economic development, service delivery and citizen satisfaction.
  • Mossberger's research interests include local governance, urban policy, digital inequality, evaluation of broadband programs, the impact of technology use in communities and digital government.
  • Lucio joined ASU in 2006. Her research explores how urban governance, planning and policy impacts diverse groups in socie
  • Dulce Vasquez is the Asst. Vice President of Strategic Advancement in the Office of University Affairs and manages a wide portfolio of activities in Los Angeles.
  • Singla's research focuses on public financial management at the state and local level, with a specific focus on municipal debt markets as well as local government financial health.
  • Heewon Chae's research interests lie in the area of strategy, organizational theory, and international business, with a specific focus on market categorization, local communities, and social movements.
  • Dr. Sampson's scholarship examines leadership and policymaking related to educational equity from three interdependent levels—districts, communities, and states.