Profiles in "Digital Educational Content" Expertise Area

  • Taylor is a Faculty Research Associate in SESE and a Curriculum Developer for the Immersive Virtual Field Trips (iVFT) project at ETX. She also studies the evolution of early life from rocks in Arctic Norway and South Africa.
  • Sr. assoc. dean Jessica Pucci leads Cronkite’s curriculum, instruction, student recruitment, L.A. expansion and more. She teaches courses in digital marketing and consults across higher ed on strategy, growth and leadership.
  • Facilitate the widespread production and consumption of geoscience Virtual Field Trips for place-based education as a tool to help students navigate the promises and perils of the Anthropocene.
  • Christiane Fontinha de Alcantara's scholarly interests center on how cultural artifacts reflect systems of inequality and injustice, while also providing models for how to fight inequalities and transform our communities.