Profiles in "Environmental Economics" Expertise Area

  • Joshua Abbott’s research and teaching concerns economic dimensions of sustainable resource governance, with a focus on sustainable oceans, water policy, and the economic valuation of natural capital.
  • Perrings is co-director of School of Life Sciences Ecoservices Group—a group researching the interactions between society and the biophysical environment.
  • Michael Hanemann a professor of economics, Julie A. Wrigley Chair in Sustainability and director of the Center of Environmental Economics and Sustainability Policy at ASU.
  • Jeffrey Englin has published on issues related to the environment and natural resources.
  • Kelly Bishop joined the Economics Department at ASU in 2013. She is an applied microeconomist with interests in environmental, urban, and labor economics.
  • Lily Hsueh is an Associate Professor of Public Policy and Economics at Arizona State University. She is Visiting Scholar at the Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University.
  • Emily Holleran's teaching, research, and professional activities focus on sustainable food systems and developing system-based approaches for community-driven programs centered around soil health.