Profiles in "Music Theory" Expertise Area

  • Holbrook's courses and her research focus on the 18th century, particularly music of the Classic Period.
  • Adler is a composer, performer, and teacher. He developed and teaches the following courses at ASU: Advanced Rhythm, Fundamentals of Music Notation, 20th Century Music Theory, and Music Theory for Non-Music Majors.
  • Heldt has taught and designed face-to-face, hybrid and online courses at both community college and university levels.
  • Knowles has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in music theory and cognition, co-teaches the Science of Art, Music, and Brain Seminar with colleagues in Psychology.
  • Navarro is an educator and composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music, who also develops intermedia works, performance art and installations.
  • Shea primarily studies how musicians understand musical organization through performance and cognition.
  • Reymore’s research investigates the roles of timbre in musical experience, particularly with respect to meaning, cognition and formal structure.