Profiles in "Popular Music" Expertise Area

  • Shellans is a professional performer and music educator. He has taught 15 different courses to more than 100,000 students at ASU since 1985.
  • Nilanjana Bhattacharjya's research focuses on popular music, film, and visual culture from South Asia and its diasporic communities. She is affiliated with the Center for Asian Research and the South Asia Council at ASU.
  • Ward is a social scientist whose research explores the intersection of Black cultural production, culture industries and urban placemaking efforts to advance arts practice and foster inclusive community development.
  • Libman is a Chicago-born jazz guitarist.
  • Rulon-Maxwell had been teaching and performing professionally in the Valley since relocating to Arizona in 2005.
  • Campbell is a graduate of Amherst College and Peabody Conservatory, Professor Emeritus at Western Illinois University, and the author of Popular Music in America and Rock and Roll: An Introduction. He lives in Rhode Island.
  • Ms. Crawl manages the ASU/NASA Space Grant program in the School of Earth and Space Exploration.