Profiles in "Resilience" Expertise Area

  • Miller is professor and director of the Center for Energy and Society in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at ASU.
  • Grimm is an ecosystem scientist who studies desert streams and cities and their resilience to extreme events.
  • Nelson's teaching emphasizes critical thinking and effective communication. She is the president of the Distinguished Teaching Academy at ASU. She also studies aspects of the current status of women in archaeology.
  • Davis examines how social and emotional risk and resilience factors shape adaptation to stress.
  • Waldron’s research interests include the communication of forgiveness, relational resilience, relationship changes across the lifespan, and the communication of the “moral emotions” in work settings.
  • Seager teaches the courses Engineering Systems Analysis and Engineering Business Practices.
  • Swanson teaches social science research and statistical methods, human development and relationships across the lifespan, and family processes.
  • Infurna is a developmental psychologist who studies resilience to major life stressors, psychosocial factors that promote healthy aging, and the changing landscape of midlife.
  • Luthar's research interests include childhood resilience, stress and women's health.