Profiles in "Anthropology - Social and Cultural" Expertise Area

  • Hegmon's research focuses on the archaeology of the U.S. Southwest, particularly the Mimbres region of southwest New Mexico. She has a long-standing interest in social theory and is known for her theoretical work.
  • Holman teaches a variety of undergraduate courses, ranging from serial killers to alternative tourism and include both online and on-site courses.
  • Woodward is affiliated with the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict at Arizona State University. His research focuses on Islam, religion-state-society relations and religion and conflict in Southeast Asia.
  • Abby Loebenberg received a doctorate in Social and Cultural Anthropology and a Master's in Material Anthropology and Museum Ethnography from Oxford University. Her interests are the material culture of space; play and games.
  • Bernard is a cultural anthropologist specializing in technology and social change; language death; and social network analysis.
  • Lee's current research focuses on how Hmong living in the diaspora have maintained extensive kinship networks and various cultural and economic practices across national borders.