Profiles in "Bioethics and Science Policy" Expertise Area

  • McGregor’s current research interests are focused on a number of questions in moral and legal philosophy, in particular she is now working on a multi-year project on food justice.
  • Marchant frequently lectures about the intersection of law and science at national and international conferences. He's authored more than 150 articles and book chapters on various issues related to emerging technologies.
  • Dr. Murugan studies epigenetic changes to environmental exposures and develops epigenetic-biomarker based diagnostic tests to detect exposures to toxic chemicals, pathogens, explosives and radiological agents.
  • Dr. O'Neil researches humane technology and ethical innovation to explore human-technology relationships that are responsive to how humans think, create, and thrive.
  • I am a Success Coach with EdPlus at ASU. Previously, I completed my Masters degree through the Center for Biology and Society at Arizona State University.