Profiles in "Psychology" Expertise Area

  • Killeen studies behavioral decision theory, statistical inference and information theory.
  • Karoly's research focus is on the development and use of a cognitive-motivational perspective applied to physical health and illness.
  • Johnson is interested in the social perception of non-human agents across different religious and cultural worldviews.
  • Neuberg's interests include evolutionary approaches to human sociality; stigma; prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination; motivation influences on cognition; and religion and conflict.
  • Glenberg studies cognitive science, specifically the embodied theory of cognition. He and his team have developed EMBRACE, an iPad application for language comprehension.
  • Dr. Cialdini has spent his career publishing research on what why we say "yes" to requests. His articles and his NYT bestselling books have led to his election to the NAAS & AAAS. He is known as the Godfather of Influence.
  • McBeath's research interests include perception, baseball, audition and navigation.
  • Barton directs the Clinical Psychology Center and supervises the clinical work of student-therapists in the center and co-ordinates field placements.
  • Wolchik is interested in developing, evaluating and optimizing programs for two types of at-risk situations: parental divorce and parental death.