Profiles in "Rhetoric Theory" Expertise Area

  • Goggin is author, editor, and co-editor of 12 scholarly books and several editions of a textbook and a pedagogical book. She has also published many articles and book chapters within her fields of interest.
  • Gaffney teaches communication courses, both skill-based and methods that are grounded in theory, including Nonverbal Communication, Storytelling and Visual Communication.
  • Gruber teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in film, consumerism, rhetorical theory, research methods, and professional speaking and writing. She is also a faculty member in Barrett, the Honors College.
  • A former Air Force pilot and leader development coach, Stoda now studies and teaches practical communication competencies ranging from persuasion and leadership to crisis management and critical thinking.
  • Hill's scholarly interests include rhetorics of motherhood and inclusive pedagogy.
  • Ratcliffe's research focuses on intersections of rhetoric, feminist theory, and critical race studies.