Profiles in "Study Abroad and Intercultural Competencies" Expertise Area

  • Henry's research interests include: cross-cultural training, expatriate training and preparation, organizational leadership, and the teaching of cultural competencies within higher education.
  • Jessica Hirshorn's mission is to promote intercultural understanding. She achieves this by teaching Organizational Leadership, leading study abroad programs, and teaching Peace Corps Prep.
  • Thomas is an experienced university teacher, management consultant and business executive.
  • Klimek‚Äôs research agenda is related to issues of cultural diversity, specifically refugees and immigrants, as well as international social work.
  • Current areas of interest include intercultural communication, language and culture, and intergroup relations, especially as they relate to international-domestic student interactions and foreign language pedagogy.
  • Andi Hess teaches courses in Interdisciplinary Studies and Organizational Leadership.