Profiles in "Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis" Expertise Area

  • Samuel DiGangi's research focuses on the learning technologies of social and academic behavior, including development, evaluation, and refinement of evidence-based techniques for use by teachers, parents and practitioners.
  • Stanley Zucker's area of expertise is special education with a specific focus on autism, intellectual disability, and other developmental disabilities.
  • Killeen studies behavioral decision theory, statistical inference and information theory.
  • Juliet Hart Barnett focuses on effective instruction for students with autism spectrum disorder, quality teacher preparation, and translation of research findings into classroom practice.
  • Dr. Erin Rotheram-Fuller engages in interdisciplinary, community-based research, working with local schools and community centers to support and improve the outcomes for children and families.
  • Dr. Hahs is the Director, of the MS ABA Program, in the Department of Psychology; His research focuses on language generativity, complex human behavior, and clinical behavior analysis.
  • Dr. Stenhoff is a clinical associate professor in psychology. He teaches classes on behavior analysis and researches natural phenomena through behavior analysis.