Profiles in "Materials Science" Expertise Area

  • Venables retired from his tenured post in 2008. He was rehired increasingly part-time in connection with the PSM in Nanoscience, for which he is the founding program director.
  • Simon's interests include the study of prehistoric social organization and craft production through technological and compositional analysis of ceramics and other artifacts; materials science; and quantitative methods.
  • Director of the LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science. Research interests include phase transformation nanostructure, interfaces in solids, and high resolution analytical electron microscopy.
  • Jeff Yarger primary research interests are in biophysical chemistry, nano-materials and the general field of disordered or amorphous materials.
  • Ponce's current interest is in the understanding of the materials properties of III-V nitrides, and their correlation to growth and to device performance for solid state lighting.
  • Dr. Peng's expertise is in computational physics (first principles density-functional theory calculations) and material science.
  • Seo's research interests focus on design of new synthetic strategies, and synthesis, characterization, and applications of new inorganic porous materials.
  • Ros is a faculty member of SMS and the Center for Applied Structural Discovery at ASU's Biodesign Institute. Her current research interests include bioanlalytics in the micro- and nanoenvironment.
  • Wiliam Petuskey is the associate vice president of science, engineering and technology in Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development. His research interests are in the physics, chemistry and application of materials.