Profiles in "Human Factors" Expertise Area

  • Dr. Lockhart is the Inaugural MORE Foundation Professor of Life in Motion Professor in the Biomedical Engineering program in the School of Biological Health and Systems Engineering at Arizona State University.
  • Dutta studies creative ways to address development, health and social disparity issues.
  • Douglas has taught in 10 different countries on three continents working for departments of psychology, computer science, information technology, education, pharmacy practice, industrial engineering, and library science.
  • Gutzwiller accumulated research experience working for the US Navy until 2018 to become an Assistant Professor at ASU in the Human Systems Engineering program, studying attention, automation and trust, and cybersecurity.
  • Dr. Huang is a Research Assistant Professor at ASU. She specializes in using Human Factors methods to do interdisciplinary research on human-AI-Robot teaming.