Profiles in "Human Factors" Expertise Area

  • Dr. Mustafa Demir's current research interest is team coordination dynamics and effectiveness in human-machine teaming as well as advanced quantitative methods.
  • Dr. McIntyre's current research involves methods to make the validity of scientific research transparent to the public, media, students, and granting agencies.
  • Dr. Lockhart is the Inaugural MORE Foundation Professor of Life in Motion Professor in the Biomedical Engineering program in the School of Biological Health and Systems Engineering at Arizona State University.
  • Dutta studies creative ways to address development, health and social disparity issues.
  • Douglas has taught in 10 different countries on three continents working for departments of psychology, computer science, information technology, education, pharmacy practice, industrial engineering, and library science.
  • Gutzwiller accumulated research experience working for the US Navy until 2018, when he became an Assistant Professor at ASU in the Human Systems Engineering program, studying attention, automation and cybersecurity.