Profiles in "Biomarker Discovery for Personalized Diagnosis" Expertise Area

  • Yamashiro is an Associate Clinical Professor and Program Coordinator for the MS Biomedical Diagnostics program. He researches technology assessment and development in the healthcare field with a core strength in diagnostics.
  • Dr. Murugan studies epigenetic changes to environmental exposures and develops epigenetic-biomarker based diagnostic tests to detect exposures to toxic chemicals, pathogens, explosives and radiological agents.
  • The Smith group specializes in developing novel imaging technologies and multiomic biomarker discovery towards applications in women’s health and mental illness.
  • Dr. Chung is a biostatistician with expertise in designing and analyzing biomarker studies.
  • Yu completed MSN/PhD at Penn and postdoc at Penn State and is a Fellow of Gerontological Society of the America and American Academy of Nursing. Her research focus on interventions to prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease.
  • Klein’s research combines computational and experimental studies of protein structure, dynamics and function with particular emphasis on membrane proteins.