Profiles in "Indigeneity" Expertise Area

  • Wilson teaches composition and is the Indigenous rhetoric coordinator in the Department of English.
  • Horan's ten books and more than thirty essays span Latin American and U.S. literature and culture. Her former students live and work all over the world, in business, education, technology, and social change.
  • Vicenti Carpio is a citizen of the Jicarilla Apache Nation and of Laguna and Isleta Pueblo heritage. Current projects explore institutional intersections of Japanese Internment and American Indian urban relocation policy.
  • Krystal Tsosie (DinĂ©/Navajo Nation), PhD, MPH, MA is an Indigenous geneticist-bioethicist at Arizona State University. Research: ethical engagement with Indigenous communities in precision health and genomic medicine.
  • PhD Candidate, Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology (PhD), ASU School for the Future of Innovation in Society; Indigenous Education Specialist, Labriola, National American Indian Data Center