Profiles in "Social Determinants of Health" Expertise Area

  • Medical and biocultural anthropologist and Regents & President's Professor at ASU, leading collaborative social science research addressing complex global health and environmental challenges.
  • Williams is the past associate director of the Mayo Clinic/ASU Obesity Solutions initiative.
  • Rosales Chavez is an Assistant Professor in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. He studies the food environment with a focus on community development, access to food and social determinants of health.
  • Dr. Giles is currently a National Project Coordinator on special assignment for the National Social Work Program for the Veterans Health Administration.
  • Wolfersteig, a research associate professor in SIRC's Office of Evaluation and Partner Contracts, works with agency partners to design and perform prevention program evaluations, provide trainings and disseminate findings.
  • Brown's scholarship focuses on the effects of poverty and violence as related to the resiliency, health and well-being of underserved communities, including African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, and urban Native Americans.