Profiles in "Global Health" Expertise Area

  • Medical and biocultural anthropologist and Regents & President's Professor at ASU, leading collaborative social science research addressing complex global health and environmental challenges.
  • Stotts received her doctorate in cultural anthropology from ASU in 2016 with a focus on water scarcity issues and solutions.
  • Wutich is an anthropologist, methodologist, and cross-cultural researcher. An expert in water insecurity, her two decades of community-based fieldwork explore how people survive extremely water-scarce conditions.
  • Baker is a bioarchaeologist with extensive field experience in Egypt, Sudan, Cyprus and the U.S. Her research integrates archaeology and biological anthropology to investigate the lifeways and health status of past people.
  • Regents Professor and bioarchaeology pioneer Buikstra melds disciplines like paleopathology and forensic anthropology to investigate disease evolution and other aspects of the human condition.
  • Marsiglia‚Äôs research on cultural diversity and youth substance use is highly influential in the prevention field, and credited with a measurable reduction in drug use and other high-risk behaviors by youth.
  • Lee Hartwell is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and he received the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. He directs the Biodesign Pathfinder Center at ASU.
  • Williams is the past associate director of the Mayo Clinic/ASU Obesity Solutions initiative.