Profiles in "Artificial Intelligence" Expertise Area

  • Professor Hall is a visionary educator with demonstrated expertise in the health, wellness and fitness entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Hobson leads strategic design initiatives and partnerships to solve complex issues in higher education.
  • Aviral Shrivastava is a full Professor in the School of Computing and AI at the Arizona State University, and works towards making programming simple for embedded and cyber-physical systems.
  • Davulcu's is co-founder of ARTIS Looking Glass, LLC -- a startup that focuses on the voices and perspectives of people and social movements in conflict areas as well as those of transnational groups.
  • Liu's areas of expertise include Data Mining and Machine Learning, Social Computing, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Liang is an associate professor of biomedical informatics, computer science, computer engineering, and biomedical engineering. He is an NAI Fellow. In addition to 100+ publications, he holds 33 patents.
  • Khorsand's research expertise includes power systems operations and planning, power systems restoration and cascading events, cybersecurity for electric power systems, renewable energy, and electric energy markets.