Profiles in "Personalized Learning and Educational Games" Expertise Area

  • Brian Nelson is professor and head of the Designing Equitable Learning, Teaching, and Assessment (DELTA) lab at ASU. His research focuses on immersive┬álearning environments, and on K12 computer science and computational thinking.
  • Elisabeth Gee's recent research includes an investigation of game design as a means of promoting design thinking among children and families and a study of Mexican-American families' use of digital media for learning.
  • Barab has a joint appointment in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and Teachers College. He researches, design and publishes extensively on the challenges and opportunities of using games for impact.
  • Ph.D. candidate in English (Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy) Public & activism rhetoric researcher Interest-driven public writing pedagogy enthusiast Novelist, video gamer & digital activist born in fandoms