Profiles in "Culture" Expertise Area

  • Stoker's research areas include Religion in the Americas, Sociology of Religion, Religion and Environmental Ethics, the American Social Gospel, and Religion in the American West.
  • Horan's 10 books and 30+ essays span Latin American and U.S. literature and culture. She works in biography/life writing, translation and digital humanities.
  • Roberts studies emotion and emotion regulation using cultural and biological (psychophysiological) approaches. She studies clinical and neurological populations, couples, stress and sleep.
  • Arina Melkozernova is an instructional designer and a PhD Candidate at ASU. Her research on foodways, biosemiotics and resilience brings Humanities, art, science, and non-Western knowledges together.
  • Denise Bodman's current scholarly interests include family processes, family history, and family narratives.
  • Updegraff's interests focus on the role of family relationships in youth development from early adolescence to young adulthood in Latinx families.
  • Alexander Henn works on the cultural and religious encounter between Europe and India, in particular Catholicism and Hinduism. He also specializes on the study of rituals and the current debate about the history and theory of the concept of 'religion'.
  • Riding In is the editor of Wicazo Sa Review. His research, teaching, and service focus on sovereignty, repatriation, religious freedom, cultural resources laws, racism, colonization/decolonization, and Pawnee history.