Profiles in "Culture" Expertise Area

  • Stoker's research areas include Religion in the Americas, Sociology of Religion, Religion and Environmental Ethics, the American Social Gospel, and Religion in the American West.
  • Pina is interested in child anxiety research but also in the study of children's courage. He feels that by taking a strength-based approach, that is positive and valued, his research can better serve community organizations,
  • Roberts studies emotion and emotion regulation using cultural and biological (psychophysiological) approaches. She studies clinical and neurological populations, couples, stress and sleep.
  • Bodman's current research interests include family processes and cross-cultural comparisons of parent-adolescent relationships.
  • Updegraff's interests focus on the role of family relationships in youth development from early adolescence to young adulthood in Latinx families.
  • Riding In is the editor of Wicazo Sa Review. His research, teaching, and service focus on sovereignty, repatriation, religious freedom, cultural resources laws, racism, colonization/decolonization, and Pawnee history.
  • DePinto's primary professional experience has been in school social work and he has more than 30 years of experience working with chemically-dependent adolescents.
  • Berkel studies health equity and the dissemination & implementation of evidence-based preventive interventions
  • Boyd is one of the world's leading minds on cultural evolution. He studies the mechanisms that produce human culture and how they interact with population dynamic processes to shape cultural variation.