Profiles in "Environmental Ethics" Expertise Area

  • McGregor’s current research interests are focused on a number of questions in moral and legal philosophy, in particular she is now working on a multi-year project on food justice.
  • Minteer is an environmental ethicist and conservation scholar who writes about wilderness, wildlife conservation, and the history of environmental thought, especially in the American West.
  • Murphree's current research efforts focus on the ecological, social and economic aspects of the management of free-roaming horses on public lands in the American West.
  • Collins specializes in applied ethics, especially business and environmental. Her courses include applied ethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, and philosophy of sex and love.
  • Scott's research interests center on understanding when sustainable outcomes and happiness coincide. We are interested in win-win scenarios along with tradeoffs to support a sustainable and happy future for land, human, and more-than human communities.
  • Collins is an evolutionary ecologist whose research group studies the role of host-pathogen interactions in species decline and extinction, as well as ecological ethics.
  • Harvey was the first founding faculty member in Lake Havasu City. She directs the General Education/General Studies program and teaches religion, philosophy and sustainability courses.
  • Amalie is an Animal Behavior PhD candidate studying the human-honeybee relationships made possible by digital environmental education.