Profiles in "Microbiology" Expertise Area

  • Rittmann is director of the Biodesign Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology. He is an international leader in the use of microbial communities to provide services to society.
  • Daydif has played pivotal roles in curriculum development and course administration and is an active advocate for the development of novel one-on-one and small group methods of instruction.
  • Delgado’s research focuses on synthetic microbiomes for treatment of contaminants and production of high-value biochemicals.
  • Dr. Sandrin serves as vice provost of ASU's West Valley campus and dean of the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences.
  • Chang is an immunologist who studies the development and function of the immune system and uses DNA nanostructure to design and construct more useful vaccines and immunotherapeutic agents.
  • Cadillo-Quiroz studies how microbes drive ecosystem and applied processes to find climate solutions
  • Haydel is an infectious disease microbiologist investigating new antibiotics to fight resistant infections, new technologies to diagnose infections in less than 2 hours, and how bacteria cause disease in humans.
  • Wei Kong and team utilizes self-destructing Salmonella and gut-beneficial bacteria to deliver protective antigens, DNA vaccines, therapeutics against cancers and neurological disorders.
  • Cayle Lisenbee has a true passion for teaching. He plays active roles in curriculum development, laboratory safety, science program expansion, and community outreach.