Profiles in "Clinical Psychology" Expertise Area

  • Karoly's research focus is on the development and use of a cognitive-motivational perspective applied to physical health and illness.
  • Professor Kathryn Lemery-Chalfant studies how genes and environments work together to influence risk and resilience for the development of mental health problems.
  • Luecken is a member of the clinical and developmental psychology faculty. Her research interests include women's health and the impact of early life adversity on mental and physical health.
  • Barton directs the Clinical Psychology Center and supervises the clinical work of student-therapists in the center and co-ordinates field placements.
  • Barrera's research interests include prevention and behavioral treatment for type 2 diabetes, social support interventions, and behavioral health interventions for Latino families.
  • Gonzales is executive vice president and university provost and Foundation Professor in the Department of Psychology at ASU.
  • Wolchik is interested in developing, evaluating and optimizing programs for two types of at-risk situations: parental divorce and parental death.
  • Chassin's research focuses on alcohol, tobacco use and disorders.
  • Davis examines how social and emotional risk and resilience factors shape adaptation to stress.