Profiles in "Visual Communication" Expertise Area

  • Dr. Ralston is the chair of the GIT program. She teaches video production, print/digital design, and research methods. She also directs the Make Media Lab on the Polytechnic campus.
  • Christina Carrasquilla is a Senior Lecturer in Graphic Information Technology at ASU. Her areas of interest include user experience and cross-media design, front-end web design and development, and social media.
  • Michelle is a Biomimicry Professional and a Visual Communication Designer who focuses on defining a life-centered design thinking methodology by infusing biomimicry thinking into the human-centered design process.
  • Linda Davis is Art Director at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.
  • Berry's research interests include creative writing, professional and technical writing, editing, and branding/social media. She holds an MPW in Creative Nonfiction and Memoir.
  • Westover's specialties are in the areas of commercial and technical photography, image editing and manipulation, virtual reality and immersive photo and video, high speed video and photography.