Profiles in "Gender Studies" Expertise Area

  • Orlich is a well-known speaker in China, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, the UK, and Romania on cultural, political and gender relations, nationalism and ethnic conflict.
  • Thomas' teaching has had a focus on science, technology and society, integrated social science, modern cities, social problems and culture.
  • Boyles specializes in popular culture, digital literacy, visual rhetoric, and the rhetoric of higher education.
  • Cindy Faith Miller is an Assistant Research Professor at Arizona State University. Her research and service activities seek to understand and promote diversity, inclusion, and equity in educational settings.
  • Jackson is a sports historian. She explores the intersection of sport and society, showing how the games we play (and watch) tell us much about the communities--local, national, and global--in which we live.
  • Chanley has taught a range graduate and undergraduate courses in the social sciences, with focus on public administration and political science, especially in public policy, women and gender, ethnic and racial studies.
  • Booth received his master's and doctorate from the Hugh Downs School at ASU. His primary teaching interests are gender and communication, identity, diversity, and rhetoric.
  • Dr. Haskin's research explores how career-oriented women with young children think about and act toward their maternal bodies in a third shift of appearance work.