Profiles in "Spanish and Latin American Studies" Expertise Area

  • Tompkins specializes in Latin American literature and cultural production, theory and film. She co-edits Imagofagia, is the editor-in-chief of Chasqui, and runs a summer abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Ripley's major fields of study are international relations and comparative politics with an emphasis on U.S. foreign policy, international political economy, security studies, and Latin American politics.
  • Villegas-Silva’s primary areas of research are modern and contemporary theater, performance and visual cultural, and theoretical practices of the Americas and Iberia.
  • Born in Protektorat Boehmen und Maehren, Volek grew up in Czechoslovakia, studied in Cuba, and, after the Russian occupation, emigrated to West Germany and to U.S.
  • Giner is an actor, theater director, playwright and translator. His research focuses on myths and rituals of the Medieval Religious stage and Native American performance practices.
  • Rodriguez has been teaching at ASU since 2001, including lower and upper division Spanish language classes.
  • Muñoz's research interests include Spanish and Chicano studies. She teaches elementary to intermediate Spanish classes at ASU Online.
  • Capielo Rosario’s research interests include Latinx psychology, migration processes, and how coloniality impacts the mental health of Latinx communities in the United States, particularly Puerto Ricans.