Profiles in "Service Innovation" Expertise Area

  • Adegoke Oke's research focuses on understanding innovation management practices in manufacturing, service and supply chain organizations. He is also a visiting professor with University of Pretoria and Lagos Business School.
  • Professor, Entrepreneur, Board Member, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, international experience living/working in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America.
  • Mauricio Mejía is a strategic design practitioner and scholar. He is Associate Professor of Design and Assistant Director of Research and Knowledge Enterprise for The Design School. His current work is about strategic design and theories of change.
  • Peel's research is focused around the socioemotional development of healthcare professionals and medical education curriculum reform.
  • Expertise Areas: Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, IT Strategy and Innovation, IT Supply Chain Interface, Service Innovation, Supply Chain Mgmt & Strategy, Supply Chain Mgmt in Developing Countries, Sustainable Supply Chain Mgmt, Venture Capital.