Profiles in "Conservation Ecology" Expertise Area

  • Batemen is a field ecologist interested in wildlife conservation and human-wildlife interactions in urban ecosystems.
  • Johnson's areas of expertise include philosophy of science, animal behavior, conservation ecology, sexual cannibalism and conflict in arthropods, black widow spiders.
  • Senko's work links science with innovation and governance to address dynamic coastal conservation challenges of the 21st century. He leads field and lab-based research projects in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
  • Fábio Albuquerque is an Associate Professor at ASU. He specializes in developing modeling tools that account for the complexity of ecosystems' structure to mitigate disturbance and climate change impacts.
  • Greg Asner is an ecologist recognized for his exploratory and applied research on ecosystems and climate change at regional to global scales. He is an elected member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.