Profiles in "At-risk or High Needs Student Populations" Expertise Area

  • Samuel DiGangi's research focuses on the learning technologies of social and academic behavior, including development, evaluation, and refinement of evidence-based techniques for use by teachers, parents and practitioners.
  • Professor M. Jeanne Wilcox established the Infant Child Research Laboratory Programs which are focused on developing and testing interventions to improve young children’s learning and developmental outcomes.
  • Kathleen Puckett's contributions to educational research are centered around access to and success in the general education curriculum for students with disabilities
  • Vega-López's research focuses on studying lifestyle factors, such as diet and physical activity, and how to modify them for the prevention of chronic diseases among Hispanics.
  • Colmery's workplace writing includes various genres in art education, insurance industry, retail business, higher education, instructional technology, and digital publishing.
  • Juliet Hart Barnett focuses on effective instruction for students with autism spectrum disorder, quality teacher preparation, and translation of research findings into classroom practice.
  • Margo Dahlstrom has worked with young children and their teachers for 30 years received a Flynn Foundation Educator Award for unique classroom techniques and memorable classroom experiences.