Profiles in "Educational Policy and Politics" Expertise Area

  • Jeanne Powers analyzes school segregation, teacher retention, and the context of reception for immigrant students.
  • Gustavo Fischman works to promote more engaging, responsive and usable educational research oriented to the elimination of educational and social inequalities.
  • Eugene Judson has broad experience in science education, educational policy, and school improvement. His research focuses on educational policies and their effects on STEM education in K-12 and higher education environments.
  • Kate Anderson is the Editor of the journal Linguistics and Education and teaches both graduate qualitative research methods courses and linguistics courses in educating multilingual learners.
  • Lennon's academic training is in political theory. Prior to teaching at ASU, she managed evaluation teams for the AZ Auditor General’s Office. She currently researches civil deliberation and active learning methods.
  • Margarita Pivovarova is interested in the design and evaluation of educational policies aimed at raising student achievement in schools.