Profiles in "Qualitative Inquiry" Expertise Area

  • David Carlson's primary areas of research include Qualitative Inquiry, Curriculum Studies, and Gender and Sexuality Studies in Education .
  • Frank Serafini is a Professor of Literacy Education and Children's Literature and an award-winning children's picturebook author. His work in multimodal literacies and research has garnered him international acclaim.
  • Dr. Wendy R. Williams, Associate Professor of English, is a scholar of English education and visual/multimodal narrative. She is also a certified Maricopa County Master Gardener and classically trained chef.
  • Kate Anderson is the Editor of the journal Linguistics and Education and teaches both graduate qualitative research methods courses and linguistics courses in educating multilingual learners.
  • Lindsey Moses is a former elementary teacher of multilingual learners and is passionate about supporting literacy instruction in diverse classrooms.
  • Mirka Koro is a professor of qualitative research, whose scholarship operates in the intersection of methodology, philosophy, and socio-cultural critique.
  • Professor Maksymov, a Ph.D. in Accounting from Cornell, teaches ACC450 at ASU. Formerly with Deloitte, he specializes in financial reporting & auditing, with research in top accounting journals.