Profiles in "Science and Engineering Education" Expertise Area

  • Wilhelmina C. Savenye's interests include instructional design, evaluation, online and digital learning, engineering education, use of technology for learning, mentoring and informal learning.
  • Collofello leads the school’s student recruitment and retention, career development and placement, K-12 programming, new curriculum development, accreditation and oversight of Fulton Difference programming.
  • Holbert teaches engineering courses on electric power generation. His expertise includes instrumentation and system diagnostics including radiation effects. He has published two textbooks and more than 200 papers.
  • Reisslein received a doctorate in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1998.
  • Photini A. Spanias teaches elementary, special, and bilingual education math methods courses as well as math education courses for pre-service teachers.
  • Caplan’s research focuses on molecular cooperativity in drug targeting, bio-sensing, and cell signaling. Current themes: local drug delivery, endothelial dysfunction in diabetes and cooperative DNA diagnostics.
  • Peter Rillero's interests focus on science education and include deep conceptual learning, problem-based learning, inquiry, teacher education, program evaluation, international education, and the history of science education.
  • Chi is a cognitive and learning science researcher interested in active learning, defined as ways in which students engage with the learning materials.
  • Ganesh is an engineer, educator and education researcher who designs, implements and studies learning environments that offer opportunities for mastery learning in both K-12 and university settings.