Profiles in "Statistical Analysis" Expertise Area

  • Data analyst focusing on Online course enrollment projections and enrollment management. Compiles and analyzes student focused data requests for special management, policy studies, and research activities.
  • Barton is a complex systems scientist who combines anthropology, archaeology, earth science, and information technologies to study long-term dynamics and interactions of people and landscapes in the Anthropocene.
  • Dr. O'Rourke's research focuses on the assessment and development of statistical methods and models for application to social sciences.
  • Dr. Thompson’s research and teaching focus on the development and application of quantitative methods to advance research in human development, the social sciences, and education.
  • K. Jake Patten teaches courses within the SHS area, as well as Biostatistics and the SAMBA seminar. Patten's research focuses on natural regularities in timbre, language, memory, and the links between speech and musical speech surrogates.
  • Research interests include categorical data models, longitudinal models, logistic regression, and complex survey sampling, generalized linear models, overdispersed models, and quasilikelihood models.
  • Teresa Hart teaches undergraduate courses in Nutrition and Health Care Administration and Policy, and graduate courses in the online Masters of Dietetics and Masters of Medical Nutrition programs.
  • Duran studies information processing as revealed in the dynamics of movement and language across individuals and groups. His research areas include social perspective-taking, interpersonal processes and deception.
  • Hondula, associate professor and member of the Urban Climate Research Center, researches the societal impacts of weather and climate, including efforts to learn how individuals experience and cope with extreme heat.