Profiles in "Autism" Expertise Area

  • Nadesan teaches courses that look at risk and crisis communications, bio-ethics, economic and corporate communication, propaganda and online social advocacy, and interpretive and critical methods.
  • Hannah Creviston is Clinical Associate Professor at Arizona State University where she is Keyboard Area Coordinator, Director of Piano Pedagogy and the ASU Community Music School, and Coordinator of Class Piano.
  • Dr. Newbern's research is centered on developmental neuroscience. His laboratory studies the biochemical mechanisms that direct the formation of the brain and spinal cord.
  • Hill's scholarly interests include rhetorics of motherhood and inclusive pedagogy.
  • B. Blair Braden is the director of the Autism and Brain Aging Laboratory at ASU.
  • Lopez explores disparities in early diagnosis and subsequent intervention services in underserved children and families including low-income, limited-education and racial/ethnic minorities, and Latinx children with autism..
  • Dr. Hernandez Ruiz studies music therapy interventions for autistic children and parent coaching.