Profiles in "Motivation" Expertise Area

  • Dr. Puruhito is interested in how a student's perceived instrumentality of content plays a role in their academic success. She also studies PTSD in NICU families and inclusion of people with disabilities across environments.
  • Neuberg's interests include evolutionary approaches to human sociality; stigma; prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination; motivation influences on cognition; and religion and conflict.
  • Thomas is an experienced university teacher, management consultant and business executive.
  • Dr. Ara Austin is the Director of Online Engagement & Strategic Initiatives at The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. She focuses on efforts that increase experiential learning opportunities for online students.
  • Starting his journey with $18 in pocket and backpack loaded with integrity, aspiration & mindfulness, Pandya glanced in a rear view mirror with the mindset only to measure how far had he traveled to continue onward & upward.
  • Dr. Bryce examines the role of contextual factors in children's academic success during early childhood and works to apply advanced statistical modeling techniques to salivary biomarker data.