Profiles in "Supply Chain Management Decision Making" Expertise Area

  • Prof. Rivera's research interests include the topics of process control, system identification, and the application of control engineering principles to process systems, supply chain management, and behavioral medicine.
  • Kevin J. Dooley is a Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at ASU and Chief Scientist of The Sustainability Consortium.
  • John G. & Barbara A. Bebbling Professor of Supply Chain Mgmt, Advising Editor & Editor Emeritus of the Journal of Supply Chain Mgmt, CAPS Research Fearon Fellow. Expertise Areas: Sustainable Supply Chain Mgmt, Supply Chain Mgmt Decision, Negotiation.
  • Professor Li studies supply chain decisions in technology and pharmaceutical industries, focusing on operations decisions including demand forecasting, revenue management and pricing, production and capacity planning.
  • Robert Wiedmer's research areas are buyer/supplier relationships, social network analysis, and supply chain network design and its association to supply chain performance.
  • Supply Chain Professional