Profiles in "Supply Chain Risk" Expertise Area

  • Adegoke Oke's research focuses on understanding innovation management practices in manufacturing, service and supply chain organizations. He is also a visiting professor with University of Pretoria and Lagos Business School.
  • Kull’s research interests include socio-technical challenges and strategic risks in operations and supply chains. Expertise Areas: Behavioral Supply Management, Sociocultural Issues, Supply Chain Risk.
  • Yimin Wang's research areas include supply chain risk management, global operations and revenue management.
  • Mikaella Polyviou studies the resilience of organizations to supply chain disruptions. She teaches Strategic Procurement and Supply Management/ Negotiations and received the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award in 2021.
  • Robert Wiedmer's research areas are buyer/supplier relationships, social network analysis, and supply chain network design and its association to supply chain performance.
  • Supply Chain Professional
  • Parast is an Eminent Scholar at the Del E. Webb School of Construction. His current research is focused on supply chain risk and resilience management, and process and product innovation.