Profiles in "Consumer Behavior" Expertise Area

  • Nyaupane's research themes include sustainable tourism, ecotourism, protected area management, public lands, natural resource management, community development, resilience, collaborative and strategic planning, and Indigenous Peoples globally.
  • Kathleen Andereck's research focuses on the tourism experience from the perspective of both visitors and residents particularly as it applies to sustainable tourism.
  • Lee has expertise in examining the impacts of communication technology on online consumer behavior, especially the effects of using social media and mobile application on marketing and advertising strategies.
  • Kate Eaton is the Assistant Dean for MBA Programs and a Clinical Associate Professor of MarketingĀ in the W. P. Carey School of Business.
  • Szejda's research focuses on designing and evaluating messages about the health and sustainability aspects of food choices.
  • Collins specializes in applied ethics, especially business and environmental. Her courses include applied ethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, and philosophy of sex and love.
  • Naomi Mandel's research examines consumer identity, food decision-making, materialism, and compensatory consumption.
  • Carola Grebitus' current research includes consumer preferences for local food, urban agriculture, and sustainable (food) products; willingness to pay for new technologies; and the influence of food labeling on purchasing.
  • Olsen is an associate professor with the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU. His research focuses on innovation and consumer behavior.