Profiles in "Art History" Expertise Area

  • Dr. Canovas specializes in the study of French poetry and narrative from Baudelaire to surrealism.
  • My research focuses on medieval Francophone culture (manuscripts, travel writing, visual culture).
  • Codell's areas of specialization are 19th-century visual culture, the art press, Indian culture under the British Raj, life writings, race and gender, the history of collecting, the art market, and world film.
  • Martínez (O'odham/Mexican) works in the fields of Indigenous intellectual history; O'odham culture, history, and politics; Transborder Indigenous nations; and, Indigenous art history and aesthetics.
  • Eshleman has taught at ASU since 1994 in the areas of Art History, English, Liberal Studies,and Interdisciplinary Studies. Her research and teaching interests include sacred place and pilgrimage, and encounter and hybridity.
  • Deborah Deacon is an art historian specializing in the art of East and Southeast Asia, western animation, film and comics, Japanese anime and manga, women's textiles, and women, war and art.
  • Fahlman's interests include public art, American modernism, the New Deal, industrial archeology and the art history of Arizona.
  • Sweeney is a nationally recognized leader in the fields of publishing and teaching of American art. He is an expert on the art of the American West, the Hudson River School, and American painting in the 19th century.