Profiles in "Organizational Studies" Expertise Area

  • Jurik's research and teaching interests address issues of gender, occupations, work-related technology, and work organizations.
  • Kevin J. Dooley is a Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at ASU and Chief Scientist of The Sustainability Consortium.
  • Dr. Stephanie R. deLusé writes and teaches, including The Human Event and other courses, at Barrett, the Honors College at ASU.
  • Dr. Mark S. Denke is an Associate Vice President with the Arizona Board of Regents and serves as a senior academic and student affairs officer for the Arizona University System.
  • Nicole Darnall is ASU Foundation Professor of Sustainability and Director of ASU's Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative. Her research investigates organizations' and individuals' sustainability behaviors.
  • Shirley-Ann Behravesh's research focuses on strategies to encourage adoption of sustainability and innovation practices within organizations and communities.
  • Starting his journey with $18 in pocket and backpack loaded with integrity, aspiration & mindfulness, Pandya glanced in a rear view mirror with the mindset only to measure how far had he traveled to continue onward & upward.
  • Pine's work (both research and teaching) lies at the nexus of human centered computing and organization science and focuses on the implications of IT implementation and datafication of health and health care.
  • Professor, Entrepreneur, Board Member, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, international experience living/working in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America.